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View Skills-Based Hiring Report

Skills-Based Hiring Report

This report introduces data-backed, easy-to-implement strategies that local employers, individuals, and workforce developers can use to address the rapidly changing dynamics within the region’s labor market.

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In-Demand Skills Report

In-Demand Skills Report 2021

This report presents a business perspective on in-demand skills to equip higher education providers with tactics to embrace the language of skills used by employers.

expanding the talent pipeline

Re-Imagining Orlando’s Talent Supply

The Foundation for Orlando’s Future is working to hep companies understand the skill demands of the future and innovative tools that prepare our workforce for the pending threat of automation.

Insight in Orlando’s FUTUre

2030 and Beyond

The Foundation works to provide insight and context to the Orlando region’s growth, how it will impact our community and actions we can take today to prepare for our long-term growth trajegtory.

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View 2030 Report

2030 Report

This report addresses the question of what kind of world today’s first graders will enter when they graduate from high school in 2030.