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An Orlando Cybersecurity Talent Deep Dive

brought to you by the upskill orlando initiative

Skills-Based Hiring Report III

It should come as no surprise that demand for cybersecurity talent has increased drastically in recent years. Already on the rise before the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for cybersecurity talent is greater now than ever due to the widespread adoption of remote learning and work, skyrocketing demand for online shopping and an abundance of digital platforms collecting data on our personal health, movements, preferences, etc. This report is the third installment in the Re-Imagining series, which seeks to help employers and higher education providers in the region identify tactics that create upward mobility career paths for Orlando’s residents. It focuses on tactics to recruit and develop Orlando’s cybersecurity talent while providing a common language for cybersecurity talent recruitment and outlines the top cybersecurity roles in Orlando.


Champion for Broad-Based Prosperity

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Section I:

A Common Language for Cybersecurity

There is an existing framework, the NICE Framework, that provides a common language for describing the cybersecurity workforce. The building block approach used in the framework allows industry to define workforce needs in the same language as educators and trainers who build programs. When industry and education use the same language, workers clearly understand their path to success.

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“Using similar language in job positions and clearly defining the skills workers need will help build the pool of qualified candidates, ease recruiting pains and reduce barriers to entry for job seekers….”

– Tracy Rebar

Head of HR for Consumer Branch Banking, JPMorgan Chase & Co

Section II:

Orlando’s Cybersecurity Needs

Demand for cybersecurity talent in Orlando spans industries ranging from defense to tourism. It’s clear there more available job postings than talent to fill them. This broad need stems from the fact that most local demand is concentrated in operating, managing and securing digital infrastructure, and not in areas such as counterintelligence or forensics. In their search for talent, Orlando organizations differ in their approach and desire for certified professionals.  

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“The architecture and design of cybersecurity programs needs to take into account scalability which includes people, processes and technology….”

– Daniel Poloche

Vice President of IT and Security, Stax

section iII:

Tactics for Hiring and Developing Cybersecurity Talent

Despite surging demand and the current cybersecurity talent shortage, companies are using recruiting methods that filter out talent, disproportionately impact women and people of color, and make hiring more expensive. Skills-based hiring is a full workforce development strategy that involves taking the time to clearly define the role and addresses issues with traditional hiring practices. A real cybersecurity job description is reimagined from a skills-based hiring perspective resulting in a clearer, more approachable job post.

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“There is an under-explored group of individuals available to fill cybersecurity positions if companies could advertise roles in such a way that more people could envision their pathway into the field….”

– Jacob Vigil

Senior Manager, Markle Foundation Rework America Alliance

section iV:

Upskilling Talent

Skills-based hiring is a general tactic that expands the talent pool and diversifies hiring in any industry. However, Cybersecurity faces a severe talent shortage and individuals must be actively upskilled to completely meet demand. Existing programs at regional higher education institutions help fill some of this need. Another tactic for upskilling potential employees includes paying certification costs.

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Authors of this Report

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Dale Brill, Ph.D.

SVP, Research and Foundation for Orlando’s Future

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Danielle Permenter

Vice President, Talent & Community Development