Orlando Economic Partnership

Core Values

The Orlando Economic Partnership has four values that guide its impact on the community and region:

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Open Positions

At this time, the Orlando Economic Partnership has no open positions.

However, there are also other companies in the Orlando region looking for motivated and self-sufficient individuals looking to achieve high performance goals and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment. Take a look the top companies that call Orlando home.

What WE Believe

Our Credo

We believe the work of the Orlando Economic Partnership fosters an Orlando region that is welcoming and inclusive, where all have access to prosperity.  

We value diversity and discipline. We understand it takes a team of civic-minded leaders with varied experiences and a passionate staff to be the real agents of change

We approach our work with a growth mindset and deliver value to our stakeholders with a focus on transformative, high-impact opportunities.

We love our region and take pride in being conveners, connectors and collaborators. We have the power to create conversations across fields, borders, and disciplines.

We are creating our future by focusing our work on five foundational objectives:

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We create targeted jobs and investment, foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem, support business growth and enhance talent pipelines to strengthen Orlando’s economy.

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We amplify Orlando’s story and change perceptions by highlighting the other half of Orlando and advancing it as a future-ready region.

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We use insight and expertise to champion regional priorities for our stakeholders, focusing our vision on strategies to foster an innovation economy. 

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We empower community leaders with research and context and engage them through the power of partnershipsand collective leadership to accomplish together what could not be done alone. 

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We strive to build a brilliant region so that everything we do steers Orlando’s future toward a community that embraces technology and innovation to achieve broad-based prosperity. 

We are the Orlando Economic Partnership.

Orlando Economic Partnership Teams

The Partnership is made up of many cross-functional teams across its core business components.

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The Partnership internship program includes seasonal internships in the organization’s various departments.

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About the Partnership

The Orlando Economic Partnership unifies our community’s strategies to create a more prosperous economy for all.