measuring Broad-based Prosperity™

What Is the Scorecard?

The Orlando Prosperity Scorecard is a mechanism to track economic performance and community development through the lens of achieving Broad-based Prosperity™.  Two metrics are overarching indicators of Broad-based Prosperity™: Gallups’s Well-Being Index and the proportion of households struggling to meet basic needs, measured by the United Way ALICE report. The remaining nine metrics fall into the Broad-based Prosperity™ framework of opportunities, capabilities, and access.

Opportunities measure the vibrancy of the regional economy. Capabilities indicate the ability of the region’s talent to take advantage of those opportunities – not only from a skills and training perspective, but also personal health. Access identifies barriers standing in the way of full participation in the economy.

Through this framework, Broad-based Prosperity™ is an outcome that exists in an economy creating opportunities for all; where regional talent has the capabilities to take advantage of those opportunities, and barriers limiting access to participate in the economy are removed.

How to Use the Scorecard

  1. Select a geography in the drop-down menu below to see a scorecard for different parts of the region*.
  2. Click on a metric to see more data about that topic.
  3. Use the embed and download buttons to embed the Prosperity Scorecard on your own website or download a PDF of the Scorecard.
  4. View the Neighborhood Opportunity Index to see how Broad-based Prosperity™ is distributed at the neighborhood level.

*The Central Florida geography is defined as the seven-county region of Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk Seminole and Volusia County. The Orlando Metropolitan area (Orlando Metro) is made up of Lake, Orange, Osceola and Seminole County. In cases where only metropolitan level data is available, the geographies are shown by their metro names. Brevard County is the Palm Bay metro, Polk County is the Lakeland metro, and Volusia County (with the addition of Flagler County) is the Deltona metro

Neighborhood Opportunity Index

The Neighborhood Opportunity Index (NOI), developed by the Polis Institute, complements the Orlando Prosperity Scorecard’s county-wide information by providing searchable access to social and economic data for 1,765 neighborhoods across the seven counties of Central Florida. These metrics complement those in the Orlando Prosperity Scorecard to give a detailed picture of how broad-based prosperity is distributed throughout the Orlando Region. Search the NOI for a neighborhood’s opportunity rank.

The release of the Prosperity Scorecard

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