measuring Broad-based Prosperity®

What Is the Neighborhood Opportunity Index?

The Neighborhood Opportunity Index (NOI), developed by the Polis Institute, complements the Orlando Prosperity Scorecard’s county-wide information by providing searchable access to social and economic data for 1,765 neighborhoods across the seven counties of Central Florida. These metrics complement those in the Orlando Prosperity Scorecard to give a detailed picture of how broad-based prosperity is distributed throughout the Orlando Region. Search the NOI for a neighborhood’s opportunity rank.

How to Use the Index

  1. Search for blocks in a specific city by using the search icon on the interactive map (top left) or pan and zoom on the map.
  2. Select an individual geography to see data for that area.
  3. Use the embed and download buttons to embed the NOI on your own website or download a PDF.
  4. Note* – The NOI is best viewed on a desktop.