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Championing Regional Priorities

Before and during the Florida Legislative Session, the Partnership’s Advocacy and Public Policy Council, made up of Partnership investor companies, works closely with education, local government and industry trade association partners to drive home the importance of generating high-wage jobs throughout our region and the state.

  • Workforce Development

  • Funding for Central Florida Initiatives

  • Affordable Housing

  • Transportation

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    Economic Development Issues


Public Policy & Advocacy Council

The Advocacy and Public Policy Council helps ensure that our Members of Congress and State Legislators understand the programs and funding mechanisms necessary to build and diversify Florida’s economy, creating a world-class business location.

With input from our local, regional and state partners, the Advocacy and Public Policy Council meets regularly to discuss and review potential issues and their impact on our region. A proposed Legislative Agenda is developed annually and sent to the Partnership Executive Committee. Once the agenda has been revised and approved by the Executive Committee, it is sent to the Partnership Board of Directors for final revisions and approval. After this, the Partnership and partners work to advance the agenda.


“Our legislative agenda is critical to the continued success of the Orlando region’s economy. Our legislative focus is to champion initiatives that effectively increase access, mobility and broad-based prosperity….”

– Tim Giuliani

President and CEO at Orlando Economic Partnership

Aligning and educating regional leaders

Policy Programs

In addition to the ongoing advocacy for our region, the Partnership is training the next generation of elected leaders through the Central Florida Political Leadership Institute and aligning regional transportation leaders through the Alliance for Regional Transportation (ART). 

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Central Florida Political Leadership Institute

If you are interested in elected office, the Central Florida Political Leadership Institute is a unique, nonpartisan, regional initiative designed to prepare and strengthen the next generation of elected leaders before they formally choose to run for a specific office.

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Alliance for Regional Transportation

Supports private and public projects that help to build more vibrant and sustainable communities, contribute to our global competitiveness, create high wage jobs and increase prosperity for all families living, working and learning in the Orlando region.

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To learn more about the Partnership’s advocacy and public policy efforts or the Central Florida Political Leadership Institute, please contact Christine Aponte.

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