Orlando Tech Council

Growing Our Innovation Community

The Orlando Tech Council is comprised of private industry, resource organizations and public partners that work to develop new programs with the core objectives: strengthen the Orlando region’s innovation resources, create new opportunities for companies to scale, and to amplify the region’s success stories, raising the global profile of Orlando as a leading community for entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Strengthen the Orlando Region’s Innovation Resources

  • Create New Opportunities for Companies to Scale

  • Amplify the Region’s Success Stories

executive tech leaders in the region

What Is the Orlando Tech Council?

The Orlando Tech Council consists of entities and companies who will each contribute a $2,500 sponsorship to participate in the council programs, events and oversight that will be available for the community.

All council members must serve in an executive technology or innovation role within their organization (CIO, CTO, etc.). Three seats on the council will be given in-kind each year to members of the community, nominated by the steering committee.

Council Leadership

Adam Scheinberg
Chair | Vice President of IT
Massey Services

Rajiv Menon
Chair-Elect | Founder & CEO, Informulate

Jeff Lutes
Exec At-Large | SVP of Technology
Orlando Magic

Dr. Chris Morton
Exec At-Large | Co-founder & CEO

Get Involved

Why Join?

The Orlando Tech Council offers the opportunity to be engaged with regional innovative leaders and help to establish and grow Orlando’s innovation community.

Strenghtening Innovation Resources

Be part of the regional economic development strategy

Publish a roadmap of the ecosystem with research and data on the region’s resources

Partner with local organizations to deliver programming focused on scaling companies

Creating New Opportunities

Deliver programs including First Customer Program, Orlando Tech Grant and others

Partner with national partners to grow regional profile

Strengthen opportunities within key sector verticals such as autonomous vehicles

Amplifying Success Stories

Capture and distribute stories of innovators, founders, contracts and partnerships through local and national channels

Deliver a framework to leverage national tradeshows and conferences to feature key industries

Synapse Orlando

Day-long symposium of entrepreneurship and thought-leadership showcasing the region’s innovation ecosystem.

“Council members combine field expertise and business acumen to propel the region’s next generation of tech leadership forward…”

– Adam Scheinberg

Vice President of IT at Massey Services

orlando tech council staff

Connect With Us

Reach out to for more information on the Orlando Tech Council, please reach out to Orlando Economic Partnership Vice President of Innovation Sheena Fowler.

Sheena Fowler

Vice President of Innovation Orlando Film Commissioner

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