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Creating Economic Opportunity

The C.E.O. Podcast

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Dedicated to sharing how Orlando leaders advance Broad-based prosperity

Hi, I’m Tim Giuliani, President and CEO of the Orlando Economic Partnership and host of the C.E.O. podcast, the only podcast focused on how the Orlando community is advancing broad-based prosperity.

In each episode, I will interview a different Orlando regional business owner or CEO about how they’re adapting to the new economy and what advice they have for listeners. I’ll also cover other topics including research and insight on our current economic situation, what indicators we can look to gauge recovery, how the region is recognizing the prevalence of systemic racism and what businesses can do to work together to eliminate it.

The C.E.O. Podcast is available for steaming on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify as well as several other streaming platforms.

Episode 1

Federal Funding for Small Businesses

Everyday life is changed because of COVID-19 and here at the Partnership we’re dedicated to helping businesses get back on their feet so they can provide the vital services and products that move our economy along. Recovery in Orlando, and around the U.S., should be carefully thought through. As small businesses work to navigate a complicated emergency funding system, information is critical. Now, more than ever, it’s important to know what can/should be doing to stay in business and begin the recovery process.

In this inaugural episode, I discuss the Federal Government’s response to COVID-19 with Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy of Florida’s District 7, provide an overview of the Partnership’s business recovery and assistance program and check in with David Kowlessar, owner of Just Fix It Collision Center.

Episode 2

Where do we go from here?

A conversation about how business leaders can work to address the challenges related to systemic racism and how businesses, elected leaders, nonprofits and every day citizens can work together to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate in our economy.

In this second episode of the C.E.O. podcast, I have a conversation with Eddy Moratin, Executive Director of LIFT Orlando. As a community transformationalist, a man gifted in generosity, and a leader community with life-changing resources, Moratin works with business leaders and residents to help break the cycle of poverty in some of the most underserved and underprivileged neighborhoods in our region.